Founded thirty years ago Lansa U.K. and based in Warwickshire is an associate Company to Lansa SA, Switzerland.

Specialising in the creation and production of pricing systems, jewellery display items and product alarm systems using the leading magneto acoustic and radio frequency technology.


The undeniable leader on all five continents in its niche field, Lansa supplies to manufacturers and the foremost watch and jewellery retailers pricing systems such as the original and renowned price cubes, the stylish Prisma translucent pricing system and the elegant Lansa Prestige system.

In addition to its continuing research and development of products in the price display domain and its production of standard pricing systems, the company has a highly professional specialist team creating innovative, made-to-measure and personalised products designed to meet the most demanding international clientele.

The justification for a price display, apart from any legal obligations, is to be informative and satisfy the immediate demands of potential clients and the absence of a price in a display window can be counter productive. Consequently, we at Lansa believe that displaying product prices is positive if the price is right. And if it’s right, it should be presented in the most meaningful and eye-catching manner.